Social Groups

Currently we are not holding social groups during the Covid-19 crisis.We are hoping to continue in 2021.Our Social groups run for the younger kids  groups (6-9 year olds)  one evening weekly from season to season(Spring , Summer, Winter and Fall) while the older kids groups run every other week starting with a Spring/Summer group and a Fall/Winter group. There is a short break between the current group and when the  new group session starts.

Social groups are designed to be a fun, interactive approach to help early childhood through adult.

* Individuals become more aware of social cues.

* They develop tools to effectively handle emotions and social situations.

* They become empowered and begin to interact effectively with peers, teachers, coaches and others.

* These skills are important for becoming an independent, respectful, successful adult.


Dr. Wahlberg has been involved with leading the social skills groups to the community since 2002.