The Prairie Clinic, assumes a psychological/neurological perspective which theorizes that in many cases the above mentioned difficulties stem from a treatable central nervous system irregularity referred to as reflex delay syndrome. Dr.Wahlberg is currently developing a movement program.
Dr. Wahlberg is doing so through collaboration with researchers in the field working on movement based programs as well as through is own empirical research.    (References)

Dr. Wahlberg is currently conducting research in the area of reflex delay syndrome and has found that the difficulties stem from neurological irregularities. These difficulties can be remediated through an exercise program that allows the brain a second chance to establish neurological interconnectivity. 


Has your child ever reported or shown that he/she is?


  • Unable to focus or too focused
  • Lacking motivation
  • Not working up to his/her potential
  • Having coordination difficulties
  • Struggling in social relationships
  • Not having the energy to get through the day
  • Easily frustrated
  • Not comprehending what they read
  • Unable to put thoughts into words
  • Experiencing handwriting difficulties 


If you responded yes to any of the previous questions, then a psychophysiological assessment may be warranted.

The assessment involves a thorough history of your child's development as well as an extensive look at central nervous system development.

Upon completion of the assessment, the advisability of pursuing treatment for any identified neurological irregularities will be determined.

Treatment is modified based on progress that is evaluated approximately every 6 weeks. The entire process takes approximately 1 year to complete based upon one's progress during treatment.