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The Prairie Clinic offers comprehensive psychological evaluations using standardized testing protocols and measures. By completing an evaluation, you may gain a better understanding of your child or adolescent’s emotional, behavioral, functional, and/or educational needs. After an evaluation, a comprehensive report is provided to you with intervention recommendations for home and school.

Why would I need an evaluation?

Psychological evaluations are commonly conducted to assist with the initial diagnosis of the following or the impact of these concerns on current functioning:

  • Attention and Hyperactivity (ADHD)
  • Mood Disorders (Depression, Anxiety)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Cognitive Impairment or Developmental Delay
  • Memory
  • Executive Functioning
  • Learning and Academic Problems

What types of questions do evaluations help answer?

  • IQ testing for special programming (special education or gifted/talented)
  • Early entrance to kindergarten
  • Understanding developmental delays and necessary accommodations
  • Creation of accommodations for the school setting
  • Accommodations for standardized testing (SAT, ACT)
  • Accommodations in college

I’d like to get an evaluation. What do I do next?

  • Call our office to schedule an intake appointment.
  • Come to the appointment with your child/adolescent and bring any school records,

previous testing etc. with you.

  • During the appointment, we’ll learn about your unique needs and answer any questions you may

 have about the process.

  • After the appointment, you’ll be provided with an estimate (time and cost) including insurance information (if relevant).